Joyful Parenting? Fresh traditions + Family Fun + a major dose of grace and rest in HIS control

Being a parent is serious business. Ever struggled with “mom guilt” for working outside the home? Longed for time to yourself as a SAHM? Or constantly feeling like you’re reacting to your kids instead of guiding your crew of beloved hooligans?! I’m a former full-time working mom AKA award-winning college admissions counselor, who thought being a SAHM would solve all my parenting heartaches. Boy was I wrong! Inventive traditions around the holidays, everyday routines, and adding a little more family fun have lightened my parenting load. Yet the most foundational? Resting in God’s grace and sovereignty over my kids and soaking in His presence. How?! Let’s trek this parenting journey together. I’ll share some of my life’s imperfect story with you and . . . sweet tips and truths I’ve discovered along the way!

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Your parenting backpack is full. Let me lighten the load! I research and create simple parenting guides for tradition creation around the holidays and everyday routines, hands-on faith building activities, and vet resources like games, books, movies and trips that . . . well, fill our family with courage, laughter or little more awe for the Savior King we know!

Currently I’m working on e-guidebook for parenting tips and traditions around Christmas/Advent and Easter. Be the first to know when released for 50% discount!

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Making family connection awaken in a creative way is my passion!

The teacher in me can’t keep quiet. I delight in encouraging other moms. May I lighten your parenting burden? Share my parenting struggles, truths and tips that have encouraged me onward?

I’ll be posting at least every Saturday morning for you to relish reading while you *try* to sleep in, watch your kids play soccer or supervise them making waffles all by themselves the first time 😉

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I’m Kelly

Mother of three littles, I love bettering my parenting style with family traditions & routines, fun faith activities, games, memorable books and . . . the list goes on!

A recovering creative perfectionist, I long to joyfully and intentionally parent my kids and equip you to do the same.

Combining my award-winning college recruiter skills, teaching background,  Read more…

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Building family connection from PreK to post high school graduation

As a creative teacher, award- winning recruiter and Bible geek, I’ll share family connection ideas . . .

-nurture family fun and travel adventures
-intentionally create rich family faith memories
-prepare kids with life skills to thrive beyond your home
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