Hi, I’m Kelly,

Ever since 3rd grade, I’ve had this dream to write my own books and illustrate them. Now stepping into the blog world, I’m giving into my relentless writing urge and want to encourage you, my fellow mama, with intentional Family Connection ideas for faith, fun, teaching practical life skills and even launching your kids after high school.

I am a mother of three littles—eight and under—who loves the outdoors, books and being creative!

As a former high school teacher, award-winning college recruiter and avid traveler, I’ll share tips, resources, and books that have enriched our family connection and parenting goals. Additionally, I’ll be posting a bi-weekly devotion to encourage your mom heart. 

One area I struggle with is mom comparison. Do you? Let’s stop  comparing ourselves as moms and live in the freedom God has lavishly bought us! 

Whether it’s practical holiday activities, fresh ideas for laughing with your kids in the everyday or tangible parenting advice to grow responsibility and faith . . . let’s walk together. Hiking alone isn’t safe!

Family connection through hiking! Yes!

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After teaching HS German for 5 years, I had the opportunity to serve Holocaust Survivors in Israel for six months. As a language nerd, I loved utilizing German daily with the staff and residents of Ebenezer Home. Insights gleaned during that time still ignite fresh, fun, faith teaching activities for me today with my kids. I’ll share them with you. Take what resonates!

Exploring the Holy Land and celebrating Holydays like the Feast of Booths with the people there brought a renewed delight in God’s Word and the richness of His sovereign rescue story for me and you! Ever since then, I’ve love recreating these discoveries for my family and friends in hands-on ways that reawaken awe towards our Mighty Shepherd King.  

12 years later . .  faithful husband and three crazy kids! we’ve gone through our share of growing pains … 


By no means do I pretend to have it all figured out.

But the lessons I’ve learned while walking through hard times in marriage, required career changes, forced moves, teaching, college recruiting and . . . and all the things?! I’m passing on to enrich and encourage YOU as you walk the parenting trail.

So buckle up girlie! We are in this together. I’ll provide tangible tips for family connection, faith celebrating, exploring Colorado and launching your high schooler. Aaaaand “Food for the Soul” my weekly vignette on biblical truths I’m meditating on.