How to put on Godly Designer Clothes

A sweet moment God used to deepen my understanding of designer identity in Christ.

“As a graduation present, I’m taking you clothes shopping!”

Student teaching was coming to a close, but my mentor educator had one last lesson plan to deliver. Far from curriculum planning, it had with my soul. As I stood dazedly trying on garment after garment in the department store fitting room, I realized a truth about my identity in Christ and a strength in God’s promises I had long neglected . . .

Hello fellow mama! How are you today? Are you feeling worn or maybe a little frumpy? I have struggled so often with feeling insufficient and unqualified as mom.

Too often I define my worth or adjust my “mom confidence dashboard” by my accomplishments: how well the kids are behaving, the cleanliness of our house, the family dinner review or my patience level during a challenging parenting moment. Oh and then there’s social media?! Forget it. 10 seconds scrolling and I’m done for. Wardrobe change needed in my thinking? Yep.

Are you with me?

As a mom, your identity in Christ, your self-worth, your position with God, doesn’t come from parenting strengths and wins–as important as those efforts are–but in the simple fact you are a Daughter of the Most High God. You may be familiar with this biblical truth or you may not . . . For the record, Scripture memorization IS a foundational wardrobe piece for building steady mom hearts. Neglecting God’s Word is like convincing yourself water is unnecessary to weight loss. Yet I’m thankful God is the MOST creative teacher. He uses the everyday to drive home the truth of his Word–you and I just have to take the time to notice the lesson!

Not the Norm . . .

I bought clothes two times a year: Back-to-School sales and post-Christmas clearance racks. Full-time summer camp counseling jobs and a mission trip to Guatemala had made me very comfortable with basic clothes. “Actually, I’m buying you three outfits,” my mentor proudly stated with her eyes twinkling. They were full ensembles: pants, business shirts, blazers and matching jewelry, with at least 9 seamless, swapping combinations. I was speechless. “They’ll be no doubt who owns the classroom now Kelly.”

Her gifts crowned me with a kiss from heaven she probably didn’t even know she’d given. . . The finely tailored apparel whispered a deeper truth: beautiful clothes made me walk differently. New confidence. A stronger smile. How funny I thought. Soaking in the physical wardrobe change had changed my spirit. O Jesus! I need to use my imagination a little more: every morning I should be cloaking my mind in a firm confidence that I am protected by a robe of righteousness.

I am overwhelmed with joy in the Lord my God!
    For HE has dressed me with the clothing of salvation
    and draped me in a robe of righteousness.
I am like a bridegroom dressed for his wedding
    or a bride with her jewels.

Isaiah 61:10 (NLT)

Robes, anyone??

Who wears robes in public anymore right?! Okay. Quick breath out. New “Kelly” Bible translation of Isaiah 61:10: I give you righteous running shoes, designer REI activewear and chic headscarves that don’t slide to the back of your head and make you go crazy . . . you fill in the blank with your dream clothing store brands 😊  

Clothed in righteousness may be figurative this side of eternity but when we stand before our Maker one day it won’t be! And what IF we took time to bring a spiritual truth into the physical realm?

Where do you need covering?

Four months later, wearing those outfits in my own classroom served as a firm reminder of God covering me. HIS perfect work overcoming sin. As I saw my shortcomings as a new teacher, self-condemnation pounded. HE covered me with beautiful grace:

The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

1 Samuel 16: 7

Where do you need God’s covering? A reminder of his sovereignty? Truly we need to rest in his righteousness, not our performance. Everywhere. All the time.

Putting on those expensive but free outfits and the change it brought in my spirit was a gift from my Savior via my mentor teacher. I wish I had an endless budget so I could give this same experience to every mom with an open heart to Jesus.

For a girl who didn’t think clothes really mattered to me I was changed. Fresh affirmation washed over me: my Savior cherished me. Those news clothes made me feel beautiful.

Clothed in righteousness reminders

In your own way, how can you physically remind yourself of your identity in Christ as a daughter of THE King of ALL Creation? I know it can sound trite, but as HIS daughters, you are princess! 🥳 Don’t hang your head like a peasant girl when you’ve *actually* been given a crown. Here’s a couple ideas for tangible reminders of your status with God:

  • Buy a special piece of jewelry you wear. Everyday. No. Matter. Your. Mood.
  • Apply perfume to yourself each morning and say Isaiah 61:10 out loud
  • Choose a verse from the Identity in Christ PDF to write on your bathroom mirror with dry erase markers
  • Buy a nice crown and keep it displayed by your kitchen sink or another frequent place or activity to remind you of your worth
  • Grab some old magazines with your littles and make a fun collage around the theme of royalty. Then display your masterpiece somewhere prominent like the fridge door or a bathroom wall– somewhere you go frequently throughout the day 😉 Tack on Isaiah 61:10 for good measure
  • Program your Smart Speaker to play a song that reminds you of this truth 5 different times of the day. Why five? I don’t know. 🤦‍♀️ The more the merrier?!

Let’s pray!

Jesus, please speak to my fellow mom today. Give her a sweet whisper in the physical realm of your righteousness covering over her missteps and blow-ups with kids. Her value is in her identity in YOU. Not how clean her house is, how many Bible verses she or her kids can recite or the having a perfect meal delivered every day.

We need unexpected gifted moments when a Biblical truth is given fresh perspective. Use your Word but also her every day encounters and “to-do” lists to speak to her heart.

Heavenly Papa thank you for the lavish wardrobe upgrade we have been given by our identity being grounded in you not a Mom Report Card!


  1. Kelly –
    This blog is amazing in every way…I am working through the Ktrail and I am amazed and blown away with how beautiful the art work is along with the wonderful thoughtful advice and ideas…
    God is up to stuff – something special is in the air…
    Carry on…I am blessed
    The mamagram

  2. Dear Kelly,
    I’m so thankful that you are taking the time to write this blog. Memories come flooding back to my first years of learning to walk in my identity in Christ. You were a gift then and you are a gift now. I’m so thankful for the years of discipleship you poured into me. The Lord has enabled me to disciple many women and pass on the daily bread, living word, and eternal truths you once fed to me. I am eternally grateful that I know you and met you. I pray that the foundation you laid in my life would be laid in the hearts of the women who read this blog! I miss you friend, sister in Christ! Love you, Regina

    1. Regina! Oh what sweet memories I have of our time too at the Weber House. Thank you for your encouraging words. I am excited to finally be stepping out in action with this desire to share and encourage other women–because in the end, whether we “officially” have children or not, we all nurture others around us!

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